Eddy's Basement
Dale Rutan's Classics
March 1, 2016

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What a Shame   Eddy's Basement
8 Times a Fool   Eddy's Basement
Dog Without a Bone   Eddy's Basement
Howlin' At the Moon   Dale Rutan
Gone Too Long   Dale Rutan
Grocery Store   Dale Rutan
Eye of the Hurricane   Dale Rutan
Good Book   Dale Rutan
No Love Can Be Found   Dale Rutan
8 Times a Fool   Dale Rutan
Dog Without a Bone   Dale Rutan
What a Shame   Dale Rutan
One Minute To the Next    Dale Rutan
I'm A Walkin'   Dale Rutan
Comin' Home To You   Dale Rutan
Money   Dale Rutan
Dreams   Dale Rutan
Moanin' 'N' Cryin'    Dale Rutan
Now That I'm Older   Dale Rutan
Like a Cobra   Dale Rutan
Ballin' That Jack   Dale Rutan
Cruisin'   Dale Rutan
Please That Woman   Dale Rutan
It's Gonna Be You   Dale Rutan

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